Bay Woodworks Services 

Here at Bay Woodworks, we provide professional service for your timber needs.

Wood Machining 

Here at Bay woodworks, we specialize in custom machining clients’ timber. We have a four sider timber moulder with eight heads which enable us to do a huge range of different profiles for any requirements. We can machine decking, flooring, skirting and square dress timber for residential or commercial use. Please contact us for pricing as prices change depending on the size of the timber and the quantities.

Timber Sales

We sell a huge range of timber products. We can supply green timber straight from the mill or we sell kiln dried timber in rough sawn or in machine finish. Most of our timber products, like flooring, decking and other smaller mouldings are made at our premises in Busselton. We can also buy products in from other suppliers to cater for our clients needs. 

Recycled Timber  Processing

Bay Woodworks also specialize in machining old timber from demolished houses or old farm sheds and turning it into new decking, flooring or even dressed for a new piece of furniture. We metal detect and de-nail all timber before processing it. Please contact us for pricing and advice on how to utilize all your old recycled timber.

Kiln  Drying

Bay Woodworks provides kiln drying services for packs of green timber. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Bay Woodworks has developed a controlled and highly stable process that can dry your timber for a perfect finish every time. Kiln drying requires careful monitoring and control. The turn-around may vary for different situations due to a number of factors, such as how long the timber has had to air dry, the thickness of the timber and even the type of timber being used. Our kilns are in constant operation so to avoid a long wait we recommend advising us of your needs as soon as possible.